Launch day coming soon!

On Saturday 1st June we will launch a dedicated members only website for artists to join us.

Membership is free but paid options are available for artists wanting a few extra benefits and a little more promotion through the public site and social media. (Please see section below regarding paid memberships)

If you are interested in joining, please fill in the form below so we can contact you with information regarding the launch. You may also want to bookmark this page ready for when registrations are open.

Join Pet Pawtraits Online
Pet Pawtraits online is a new platform for pet portrait artists currently being built. will hold a database of pet portrait artists.
People looking to commission a pet portrait will find hundreds of styles and artists available by visiting the site.
We will also operate several social media channels which will be regularly updated and take out occasional targeted advertising campaigns throughout the year.
Potential customers will be able to choose to commission specific artists or submit a brief and let us  suggest suitable artists for the job.
Additionally there will be an opportunity to have your artwork on items sold in our online shop such as greetings cards, prints and calendars.
There is currently nothing as specific for pet portrait artists like this available on the web.
For some, whether you are starting out or been at it for years, it can be tough being found as a pet portrait artist and jobs can be sparse.
Looking for opportunities and marketing your artwork can take precious hours out of your studio time.
Anyone with a beloved pet can take a simple photo on their smartphone these days but it takes something else to be a pet portrait artist.
YOU have the talent, motivation and the discerning eye to be able to convert a simple photograph into a beautiful work of art, highlighting all the outstanding characteristics of a pet.
There is a huge market for pet portraits with thousands of potential customers out there interested in what you can create for them…but first they need to find you!
Pet Pawtraits Online will offer the artist an opportunity to be seen by the public on an easily accessible website and the chance to be put forward for commissions hassle free of charge.
It costs nothing to join Pet Pawtraits Online.
When you register you will be listed in the database and be put forward for any suitable commission requests free of charge.
There will also be paid membership packages available to boost your visibility on the website, receive higher promotion of your work and potentially win more commission requests.
As well as having your listing in our database and the opportunity for commissions, with free membership you will also be entered for a chance to be featured on all our social media platforms each month.
We also will offer free members the option to pay a small fee to be featured on our website front page and/or social media at any time.
There are NO commission fees. YOU choose what you get paid!!
Unlike other galleries that operate on a commission fee basis, with expert guidance available, we offer our artists the option to control the amount they wish to receive from their artwork.
When a client approaches with a brief we take your recommended price and add relevant administration fees to offer the client a final quote.
Also, because we are GENUINE animal lovers we will annually donate the equivalent of 2% of all commissions and products sold to UK pet and animal charities at no cost to the artist. So working with us means you are working for the welfare of pets across the UK also!
 There will be two levels of paid membership available ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL.
With our ADVANCED package you will be promoted monthly on all our social media sites, feature on the front page of the website and rank higher in the listings in the database.
The PROFESSIONAL package will give you even more visibility and promotion with a quarterly write up on our blog, your own artist portfolio, a quote-on-demand option and a permanent place at the top of the directory with “star artist” status
With both of these options you will also be occasionally offered the chance to have your artwork featured on products such as greetings cards, calendars & prints which will be sold in our online shop. You will also receive generous royalty fees for items sold featuring your artwork.
Paid membership takes even more time and hassle out of regularly advertising your artwork to potential customers and adds to the likelihood of you receiving more commission requests. It also SAVES you money on regular advertising costs.
Advertising on social media can be expensive (around £40 per monthly campaign to reach a wide audience), Google is even steeper at around £80 per month to gain just 100 website clicks.
That’s an annual cost of £480 for social media advertising and £960 for Google Ads for a website!!
Our paid memberships offer an affordable alternative at just £6 per month for ADVANCED package or £12.50 for PROFESSIONAL. 
Monthly membership allows you upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time. 
If you choose a monthly subscription before the website launches, we will give you two free months in December and January.
You can also choose to pay for 12 months upfront and get a free gift and two months free so you pay only pay for 10!
How do I join?
You can register your interest today by filling out the form below.
Once the website progresses into the next stage of development we will be in contact to get you started.

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