Commission Process

We will then contact you to let you know the customer has accepted a quote.

After this we will ask you to be on standby for confirmation from us that the artwork can be made.


If the quote is not accepted by the customer we will ask for feedback. If they decide it is too far out of their budget we will offer them 10% off the total price. This is deducted from admin fees only - not the artists price!

If the customer still can't meet the quote amount we will communicate with you to see if you are happy to lower the price.

If you have  specified in your profile your prices are non-negotiable we will not contact you.

Work on the commission can now begin.

The customer may ask for progress updates during this time.

Please see the Progress Updates section below for more information.
Work on the commission can now begin.

The customer may ask for progress updates during this time.

Please see the Progress Updates section below for more information.
In rare cases a customer may decide not to go ahead with the commission if they don't feel the sketch represents the work they are looking to have done. You will always be paid for your sketch(es) whether the commission goes ahead or not.

Please see the sketches section below for more information.

When the customer recieves the artwork they will provide feedback.

Full payment is then made to the artist

In rare cases a customer may not be completely satisfied with the outcome of the artwork.

Please refer to our complaints section for more information on our procedure to handle these situations.


Customers wishing to commission an artist with free or Advanced Membership can do so directly through their listing using the 'Request Quote' feature. We then issue them a quote by email.

Artists on the Professional Membership package have their own artist pages on the website with the built in ability for potential customers to request an on-the-spot quote.

Occasionally a customer may have an idea for a commission but not know which artist they want. We offer an artist matching service to connect the right artists with the right customers. We listen to our customers carefully and match artists to them on their specifications.

We DO NOT only put forward paid members. All members are eligible for commissions and if we feel your work matches what the client is looking for, we will suggest your profile for them to view, it is as simple as that.


In some cases a customer may request a rough sketch. Sketches are intended to give a rough idea of the finished composition and it is highly recommended that the Artist spends no longer than an hour completing them. Some customers may decide they don't want to go ahead with the artwork after receiving a sketch but the majority of them will want it to be made.
In either case you will be paid £10 per sketch. This will be paid within 24 hours of the sketch being completed and sent to the customer.

Progress Updates

We will communicate every step of the way with the Client to ensure they are kept up to speed with your progress and do all of the necessary administrative work that goes with a commission. All you, the Artist need do is make the art and be paid appropriately for it.

Customers may request process shots of the work in progress. We want customers to feel included in the process but respect the creative intuition and integrity of you the Artist. If a customer makes a request we will ask you to honour it and take a picture for the customer to see; we won't however, allow the customer to suggest changes while the work is still in progress as we feel it is up to you to create the work not the customer.

Turnaround Time & Deadlines

We allow all Artists to set their own deadlines and will never guarantee any turnaround time to a customer without consulting you first. In accordance with this we ask that once you have agreed a deadline and we have informed the customer that you ensure the artwork is complete before the deadline is reached.  IE. If you say you can complete work within 7 days we expect you to be ready to send an image of the completed work to the customer within 7 days and no longer.

Customer Sign-Off

Once the artwork is complete, we will ask you to provide a photo that we will then show to the customer for their approval. If they are happy with the work we will ask that they pay any remaining balances and make arrangements with the artist and the customer for delivery of the work.
This is an important part of the process as it aims to prevent any major disputes in the case of a customer being dissatisfied with the outcome of the work. It is very rare for a customer to be completely unhappy with a finished artwork, especially if they have requested progress updates. However, occasionally small details may not be quite right and to avoid these small details becoming big issues we offer the customer has a right to see what they are purchasing before they receive it.

In the instance of a customer being dissatisfied with the outcome we have procedures in place to protect the artist's integrity and payment for their work . Please see the Customer Complaints help section for more information.

Commission Feedback

Customer feedback is a hugely important part of the process for everyone involved:

For the artist feedback provides valuable praise or constructive criticism to help shape and inform future commissions

For us it lets us know what customers think of the commission process and how we can improve elements of the website itself or our customer service. It also lets us know how you, the artist feels about the process and if there is anything we can improve to make things better for your next commission.

For the customer it allows them to share their experience and makes them feel valued and included. Also, it informs other potential customers of the excellent quality of the work of our artists and the top notch service of the website.

Our artists and customers are the fuel that keeps the train in motion but feedback is the oil that ensures the smoothness of the ride.

If you would like to provide any feedback about the website or your experience with Pet Pawtraits Online at any time, you don't have to wait for your next commission. You can visit the Member Feedback page and use the form to send us your comments or questions. Alternatively you can email