pet portraits postage
Pet Portrait Artist Materials

Packaging Artworks

For items that are created on paper or card we recommend lightly wrapping your picture in tissue paper and sealing it into a hard-backed certificate envelope with the instruction 'Do Not Bend' clearly stamped on the front and back. Please see this link for an example of these style of envelopes. 
Alternatively, you can place your artwork between two pieces of card and sealing it into a padded envelope 'Do Not Bend' clearly stamped on the front and back.  This method may provide extra protection but may incur extra postage costs. We want to keep postage costs low as the customer will be paying it and may not be happy to pay higher rates for unnecessarily heavy small items.
Larger items, especially artworks made on canvas or wooden panels will need to be packaged using great care so a layer of bubble-wrap between the artwork and some sturdy outer packaging (such as cardboard) is advised.
If you are unsure about how to package items or have any questions please contact us by emailing or message us on Facebook.

Weighing Artworks

When your artwork is packaged and ready to be sent we will ask you to weigh it so we can organise postage for you.

For smaller items (such as A4 or A5 artworks in an envelope) you can use ordinary postage scales.
Place a tall glass or jar on the weighing scale
Turn your scale on
Allow it to register the weight of the object so the total is zero (or press the tare button)
Balance your item on top of the glass
Read the weight easily from the scale
For large items you can use a luggage weighing device such as this one (EXAMPLE) 
Package artwork and seal it
Cut a piece of tape 8-10cm long
Fold tape in half so it sticks to itself
Starting underneath the package run the tape up it's side
Place the folded piece of tape on the top edge
Run the tapeup and over the folded piece and down the other side
Connect the piece of tape to the underside
Hook weighing device into gap created by folded tape
Weigh item
Remove hook and cut out the folded section of tape (if desired)


Customers are responsible for paying their own postage costs for commissions completed via Pet Pawtraits Online. 
Once we know what the item weighs we will send you a postage label which must be printed by you and firmly attached onto the package. Depending on the size of the package and your location we will either ask you to take the item to a post office or drop-off point or we will arrange for a courier to collect it directly from your home or studio address. 
If you cannot print labels or you cannot provide us with the weight of the item you must arrange to pay the postage and ship the item and we will reimburse you. 
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Unfortunately, without a receipt or proof of postage certificate we will not be able to reimburse you.